Purge of the Paragons

Chapter 1

You find yourself in a holding cell made of very sturdy wood bouncing on a wagon. You cannot see anything because there seems to be a cloth tarp placed over the cell. You can feel other people in the cell with you.
Off comes the tarp as you’re blinded by the sun’s blazing rays. You can hear the wheels of the wagon rolling on top of the sand. Your mouth dries and eyes grow weary as the sun sets. The caravan comes to a stop as the day ends.

Suddenly one of the carts explodes in the distance. Everyone is now alert for many movement. Fire rains from the sky as pieces of wood on fire fall. The caravan guards are running in fear, unorganized. They were not prepared for an attack this far out in the desert. The fire spreads to the cart you’re on.

As the group of captives flail and ram the cell. Another explosion occurs sending your cart flying into the air and crashing down on three guards. There is a hole on one side of the cell. As the party begin to climb out they pause in sight of something devious.

From the sand rise five dark figures. The guards form a semi circle around them. A lone guard runs towards a dark being with his halberd and lands it directly through its stomach. The figure takes off its scarf and reveals a putrid face. The smell of rotting flesh fills the air and its eyes glow a low red.

The creature grabs hold of the halberd and plunges it further into its body. From its back it pulls a scimitar from the sheath and dices the guard like dinner. The other creatures make haste with slashing the rest of the guards.

These demons approach the cart the captives are located in and being to search for something. One of the creatures pulls out a box engraves with gold from the wreckage. As they begin their retreat the party hears a horn being blown and 10 knights riding in from a distance.

The creatures begin to flea but they didn’t get as far as they hoped. A large man wearing gilded armor walks up to the captives.
“Come with us, you are free now.”


Kolto Kolto

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